1,650,000 ₫ /đêm

1,650,000 ₫ /đêm

Nhà An Nhiên - Homestay Sapa

Mã chỗ ở: 15680

Giới thiệu chỗ ở


It is difficult to choose a suitable resting place in the beautiful homestay pile in Sapa right? Please visit the house in the clouds - Up in the air with mountain view Fansipan, with cozy space and with great price "love" nhé!

Up in the Air - Located on the main road, 3km far from Nha Tho Pagoda, 1.5km from Sapa night market, it is easy to reach and far enough away from the noisy city. The house is a small wooden frame house is very old, including 3 one-sided area on the main road on one side overlooking Fansipan peak.

The house has 1 living room and 1 small bedroom. The day in the sky can sit read books watching Fansipan peak and terraced fields nine golden. View on the mountains and the terraced fields of the mountains on the mountain will certainly help you have a moment of relaxation!

Very suitable for group of 6 people. The house on the clouds also have green jade door for you to enjoy check-in "virtual live" too!

Very rare homestay in Sapa has a very large yard for you to watch the stars and BBQ as here. Homestay has a full kitchen and utensils and utensils for you to cook, there is also FREE BBQ and charcoal for you. At night it was cool to hawk and chew the food just fine. Hanoi hot is hot, the night in Sapa you still have to wrap around the blanket and cover it!

Corner of tea and enjoy tea, sip coffee when the afternoon, just watching the mountains far away. Life, what is it?

Tiện nghi

Phòng ngủ
  • Tối đa 10 khách
  • 2 phòng ngủ
  • 3 giường
Phòng tắm
  • 2 phòng tắm
  • Extra mattress
Kitchen Facilities
  • Fridge/ Freezer
  • Stove
  • Pets welcome
  • Grilling BBQ
  • Natural surround
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Shampoo, Conditioning
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Dryer

Giá phòng

Thứ hai - Thứ năm 1,650,000 ₫ (Có thể thay đổi theo ngày lễ)
Thứ sáu - Chủ nhật 1,980,000 ₫ (Có thể thay đổi theo ngày lễ)
Phí khách tăng thêm 150,000 ₫ sau 6 khách
Số đêm tối thiểu 1 đêm
Chính sách Huỷ Moderate

Hoàn lại 50% giá trị đơn đặt phòng khi khách hủy trước 7 ngày nhận phòng.
Khách hàng không được hoàn tiền trong vòng 7 ngày trước ngày nhận phòng.

Tiện ích xung quanh

  • Dai Viet - Vietnamese Cuisine
  • Border Guard
  • Tea Time
  • Bus station Sa Pa
  • Ken + - Bar & Cafe
  • Sa Pa District General Hospital
  • Preventive health centers
Department Head Office
  • Sa Pa Commune People's Committee
  • Sa Pa Economic Department
  • Finance and Planning Division of Sa Pa district
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Nhận phòng 12:00 pm
Trả phòng 11:00 am
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