4,758,600 ₫ /đêm

4,758,600 ₫ /đêm


Mã chỗ ở: 12654

Điểm nổi bật của chỗ ở

✔ 3 Bedrooms

✔ Very close to the beach

✔ Private swimming pool

✔ BBQ grill

✔ Luxurious living space

✔ Garden

Giới thiệu chỗ ở

The seaside villa has 3 bedrooms and is perfect for up to 6 people. Each bedroom is equipped with comfortable queen-size beds and en suite bathrooms. Thanks to many glass windows, our house is always full of natural light. Just open the curtain and your new day will be brightened up. If you want to relax after hard-working days, you can dive straight into the pool or slowly read a good book in the garden.

We will prepare breakfast upon you request. You can order dishes in our menu at the night before. There are wine and beverage in the fridge, but if you need more groceries, let us know and we will deliver to you.

The Villa has ceiling fans and air conditioners. The kitchen has instant hot water, filtered water.

- 2 minutes walking to the river

- 7 minutes walking to the beach, beachside cafes and restaurants

- 25 minutes by bike to Hoi An Ancient Town

Tiện nghi

Phòng ngủ
  • Tối đa 8 khách
  • 3 phòng ngủ
  • 3 giường
Phòng tắm
  • 4 phòng tắm
  • Babies/ Toddlers welcome
  • No smoking
Kitchen Facilities
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/ Freezer
  • Stove
  • Grilling BBQ
  • Natural surround
  • Beach view
  • Pool
Room Facilities
  • Balcony
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Air-conditioning
  • Shampoo, Conditioning
  • Napkins
  • Towels
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Thang bộ

Giá phòng

Thứ hai - Thứ năm 4,758,600 ₫ (Có thể thay đổi theo ngày lễ)
Thứ sáu - Chủ nhật 4,758,600 ₫ (Có thể thay đổi theo ngày lễ)
Phí khách tăng thêm 346,500 ₫ sau 6 khách
Số đêm tối thiểu 1 đêm
Chính sách Huỷ Flexible

Miễn phí hủy phòng khi hủy trước 5 ngày nhận phòng.
Khách hàng không được hoàn tiền trong vòng 5 ngày trước ngày nhận phòng.

Tiện ích xung quanh

Famous places
  • Cu Lao Cham tourism
  • An Bang beach
  • Cua Dai Beach
  • Palm Garden Resort & Spa
  • Anh - Nhay Binh Dan
  • An Gia Tea Shop
  • Joi | Kitchen & Bar
  • Salt - Pub & Restaurant
  • Pine Garden Bar & Restaurant
  • Banyan Beach Bar & Restaurant
Department Head Office
  • People's Committee of Cam An Ward
  • Cangzhou Police Station
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Lưu ý về chỗ ở

If you would also like to cook yourself and need some help with grocery shopping, just let us know. We can arrange it for you or take you go shopping with us at one of the local markets. (We can arrange room service or a private chef to cook a delicious barbecue for you)