2,000,000 ₫ /night

2,000,000 ₫ /night

Bách Xanh House

Accommodation code: 17308

Unique features

The Green House has a cool space thanks to the large glass panels that are located in most rooms. With a view overlooking the mountains, Bach Green brings people a quiet, peaceful but still young and fresh

About accommodation

Bách Xanh House - a 2-storey villa located halfway up the mountain, right on the main road 2km from the center of Tam Dao town and 300m from the Belvedere Resort. Banh Xanh House has spacious space with large yard for young children to enjoy the fun, the room has airy space with view overlooking the mountains and the message is small, shimmering light. Complementary homestay facilities are also abundant such as spacious, airy BBQ, hunting kitchens and charcoal are available for you (all free), fully equipped kitchen and spice like a family. Besides, you can also bring food to be processed by yourself or use the set menu available in your home! In addition, the house also has a common area for guests to enjoy extremely comfortable ...

Bach Bach Green House is a 100m photo area with many beautiful natural scenes. At this place, visitors can enjoy themselves in the wild nature with grass flowers and leaves together with the hazy mist as the traveler steps make everyone feel like they are in the middle of the place. hybrid scene.

The Green House has a cool space thanks to the large glass panels that are located in most rooms. With a view overlooking the mountains, Bach Green brings people a quiet, peaceful but still young and fresh. Green berries are suitable for groups of 10-20 people.

Baby Green House includes:

1 living room

1 common living room

3 bedrooms (total: 7 cushions and can be added extra mattresses for large groups)

1 large kitchen (full of spices and kitchenware)

2 toilets

Spacious car park (can park 4-5 cars)

Open air BBQ (BBQ and charcoal available)

In addition, the house also has the basic household electrical appliances such as hair dryer, TV, refrigerator, electric fan, super speed ... especially with free wifi

If you have hired Blue, let's prepare the barbecue together at home, together to rekindle the charcoal blaze in the cold weather of the mountain in the North when the night. You can bring food for yourself to cook or order the dishes as required, the house will help you have a good meal, modest and affordable!

First rent of apartments

From Monday to Thursday: 2 million / 10 people

Sixth and Sunday: 2.5 million / 10 people

Thursday 7: 3 million / 10 people

From person 11 onwards, surcharge 150k / person


Check in time: 13:00

Check out time: 12:00

Children above 10 years old will be counted as one guest


1. Tam Dao ancient church: This is an interesting attraction, standing on the ancient church you can also see the natural landscape Tam island very dream.

2. Silver Falls: From the center of Tam Dao town, turn right along the path, draw down deep valleys, Silver cascades hidden in the mountains, mysterious poured down the stream of silver water, shining sun reflecting the brilliance rainbow. The road up and down the waterfall is not long but cloudy by the vertical stone. A small stream from over 50 m high water flow, drop into the wind of the stream, the forest, the leaves echoing into the cliffs sounded like ancient thousand ... will make you agree when conquering a paragraph hardships.

3. Ba Chua Thuong Thousand Temple: To reach the Temple you will have to climb about 200 stone steps Temple is a place to preserve a beautiful legend. The temple is home to a beautiful legend. With the dream landscape of the white cloud town is still intact. This is one of the spiritual tourist destinations in the Tam Dao tourist complex. The way to go to the Grand Chancellor's Palace is the head of the TV tower, if the time is not much, you should choose to climb Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple instead of climbing TV tower.

4. Television tower: The road is hard but romantic, so poetic. On the way up there are orchids, chamomile flowers and other unnamed wildflowers blooming full of paths, radiant aroma, brilliant colors ... In this place many butterflies full of flowers, bean, fly. If you climb to the top you can see the whole province of Vinh Phuc and Thai Nguyen, see white clouds drifting before the eyes. How romantic!

5. Heaven Gate: From Tam Dao town you go straight to the stone church, turn left to go straight to the Gate of heaven. Standing on the gate overlooking the town of Tam Dao obscure virtual mist in the fog suddenly came to see the strange beautiful Tam Dao.

6. Swimming Pool: In Tam Island, you can go swimming at the public swimming pool. The swimming pool is halfway up the mountain so very romantic. Bathing in the water is very clean, you should take a shower in the afternoon or early afternoon because bathing near the water will be quite cold. The pool ticket price is 50.000VND - 100.000VND, if you buy but do not want to take a bath anymore you can return the ticket.

7. Rung Rong: This is Tam Dao tourist destination for adventure travelers, you go a little further to Rung Rung, here trees, mountains as beautiful as in fairy tales, there are many trees Some people covered with orchids, birds singing roar echoing, butterflies flying over the sky. Further, there is Tam Dao 2, where, during the French colonial period, it was also an ideal holiday destination, but now it is deserted, wild and lonely.

8. Night market: You should take a walk Tam Dao in the morning to enjoy the dusky and cloudless sky, explore food at the local food market, before eating should ask price will not be cut. cut. The food here is mainly baked goods: grilled eggs, VND 5,000 / fruit, sesame salt with VND 10,000 / tube, VND 30,000 / fruit, VND 5,000 / pot, VND 250,000 / each. The weather here is very cold, sometimes it is raining so remember to bring your coat here, whether it is summer or winter.

9. Cau May photography area: located in II Tam Dao town, Cau May is an outdoor studio which attracts the largest number of visitors. With the seasonal blooming colors and the view of fresh green mountains, Cau May promises to be the perfect virtual place for the trip. Entrance fee is only 15.000VND / person.


  • Maximum 20 residents
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 7 Beds
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Babies/ Toddlers welcome
  • Extra mattress
  • No smoking
Kitchen Facilities
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/ Freezer
  • Pets welcome
  • Grilling BBQ
  • Natural surround
  • Pool
Room Facilities
  • Balcony
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Air-conditioning
  • Shampoo, Conditioning
  • Toiletries
  • Napkins
  • Mineral water
  • Towels
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Dryer
Special facilities
  • Smart television

Room rates

Monday - Thursday 2,000,000 ₫ (Holiday price may be applied)
Friday - Sunday 3,000,000 ₫ (Holiday price may be applied)
Additional Guest fee 150,000 ₫ (after 10 persons)
Minimum Stay 1 nights
Cancellation Policy Moderate

50% of total cost will be refunded if guests cancel 7 days prior to the check-in day.

Places of interest

  • Mr Nam - Drinks & Beverages
  • Thien Cam Restaurant - Specialties
  • Mr. Dat - Regional Specialist
  • Hopzhou Market
  • Bus station of Tam Dao town
  • Tam Dao Golf Course
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Another Details

Checkin 01:00 pm
Checkout 12:00 PM
If you need any support related to the request of early check-in and late check-out time.
Please contact us at 18006586 (free) for best support.