Exchange old mattress with Vuanem, refurbish your house with Luxstay


What do we do when the mattress of our loving home is old and broken? What do we do when the mattress in use does not bring the comfort or quality we want? Don’t throw it away!

With the desire of helping homeowners take care of whole sleep for our customers, LUXSTAY accompanies VUA NEM to bring a big incentive event “Exchange old for new: Trade in your old mattress up to 4.5 million VND “, which is reserved for the homeowners at Luxstay when changing mattress at Vua Nem.

 From 25th July to 31st August 2019, with all the old mattresses, regardless of size,  homeowners at Luxstay can bring them to more than 59 King Mattress stores – a brand which is well-known for reputable and quality blanket distribution nationwide in order to to be redeemed for up to VND 4.5 million or immediately call the hotline 0983 537 369. Let’s change the new mattress right away for your beloved home.


 Conditions of application:

– Only applicable for homeowners listed on Luxstay. Please show the “Luxstay for host” app and Host ID code to VUANEM salesman to check.

– Applicable for homeowners who change 2 mattresses or more.

– The amount of money Vua Nem purchased the old mattress will be transferred to the new one, if the new one has a higher price than the old one so homeowners will incur the additional cost.

– Applicable at all Vua Nem stores nationwide.

– For the areas where do not have Vua Nem stores (Nha Trang, Phu Quoc), please call our hotline 0983 537 369/0904 121 359 for further advice and support for changing mattresses.

– Applicable time: July 23 – August 31, 2019.