Experiences you can not dismiss when traveling to Da Lat this September

Trải nghiệm du lịch Đà Lạt tháng 9

Da Lat is a tourist destination that makes any traveler miss so much, whether they have been to or not. The city is considered as the youth preservation by the beautiful and dreamy scenery. Local people are gentle and the climate is stable through out the year. Each season Da Lat has its own characteristics, so you can also travel to Da Lat at any time.

On these autumn days in September, Da Lat puts mist on itself. Despite the unstable weather, Da Lat promises to bring a wonderful experience. Below are the experiences which can not be missed if you travel to Da Lat in September. Let’s explore with Luxstay.

Mix with the nature and animals at Zoodoo Café

Zoodoo Cafe is located in Da Nhim Commune, Lac Duong District, 40km from Da Lat center on the road toward Nha Trang. This is a café – zoo co-operation with Australia’s unique zoo. Due to the cool weather like the temperate climate, Zoodoo can feed Western animals such as kangaroo, alpaca sheep, pony, feathered sheep.

travel to Da Lat
Zoodoo Cafe – Picture: @trang_eck

Guests can enjoy playing or feeding in a interesting way. Or you can take a check-in photos at Zoodoo’s wilderness campground. However, to experience this service, you need to follow the Zoodoo rules. Do not make noise, spit or chase, because these actions can make the animals panic.

Check-in at buckwheat flower field

The end of September is also the time when buckwheat flowers blossom. You can check-in at buckwheat flower hills at Ta Nung or Da Lat Milk Farm. Although these farms can not be as large as Ha Giang’s but still are destinations can not be missed when coming to Da Lat.

travel to Da Lat 1
Buckwheat flower in Da Lat – Picture: Quy SG

Da Lat’s buckwheat flowers mainly grow at the foot of Ta Nung Hill. The white flowers create the perfect background to save a corner of Da Lat.

Check-in crunchy persimmon forest

Crunchy persimmon is the favorite fruit when traveling to Da Lat. Whether eating fresh fruit or making jams is both suitable. In addition to strawberries, crisp persimmon in Da Lat is also a perfect gift.

travel to Da Lat 2
Persimmon farm in Da Lat

From September to November, Da Lat is filled with red and orange of persimmon. You can hire a motorbike and travel around the roads to contemplate the red roses on both sides of the road. The ideal way to mention is the road leading to Xuan Truong commune near Cau Dat tea hill; or the road leading to Bao Dai Palace III on the Mimosa Pass.

See peaceful sunrise at homestay

Referring to Da Lat’s tourism, we can not dímiss the lovely and unique homestays. You can find countless shimmering and peaceful homestays scattered around the city. They are not only beautiful but also has reasonable prices for all guests. You will desire to wake up in a quiet and warm space. Feel the cold weather with a cup of warm tea at homestay will make you remember forever.

travel to Da Lat 3
Peaceful space at homestay in Da Lat

You can refer to some pretty homestays or apartments in Da Lat here: https://www.luxstay.com/vi/vietnam/lam-dong/thanh-pho-da-lat

Go camping at Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Having appeared in the music video of many popular singers, Thien Phuc Duc Hill is a must-go destination when traveling to Da Lat. Thien Phuc Duc is the hill opposite to Liangbiang and is famous for its lonely pine tree growing alone on top of the hill. The picture of a single tree grows with the cold, frosty weather evokes the feeling of sadness but romance.

travel to Da Lat 4
Alone tree on Thien Phuc Duc Hill

In addition, the large space on the hill is suitable for overnight camping. From the top of the hill. you can see the panorama of Da Lat from above, which is very beautiful.

Drink Da Lat’s coffee

With the romantic scenery of Da Lat, it is difficult to resist breaking into a cafe to sip a cup of coffee. You can find many cafes with beautiful view when traveling to Da Lat. Some famous cafes are Me Linh Coffee Garden and Coffee Container at Cau Dat tea hill, Route Cafe or Still Café,…

travel to Da Lat 5
Not only homestays in Da Lat are beautiful, but the cafes are too

Visit the farms

One of the “specialties” of Da Lat is the large and diverse farms. Due to the mild climate, Da Lat is the motherland of many agricultural products. You can head to the European bold cow milk farms such as Da Lat Milk Farm, Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm.

travel to Da Lat  6
Da Lat Milk Farm

Otherwise, you can visit the strawberry farms to learn about the planting process as well as buy as gifts. Another indispensable destination is the Trai Mat vegetable farm of Da Lat. Trai Mat is also home to hydrangeas that is famous in the tourist community. The farms make Da Lat travel unique and different.

travel to Da Lat  7
Hydrangeas farm in Da Lat – Picture: Chit Studio

Ride motorbikes through pine forests

An unforgettable experience when traveling to Da Lat is to ride a motorbike through the pine forest road. At Da Lat, it is not difficult to see the pine forests, from the city, the mountain passes to Liangbiang mount,…. The light sun shines through the pine forest down the path of poetic poverty. That is the image everyone wants to catch when coming to Da Lat.

travel to Da Lat  8
Roads through pine forests are Da Lat’s symbol

Although in September Da Lat is in the rainy season, sudden rains can make you a little worried. But for those who love Da Lat, they love even the unstable rain or sunshine of Da Lat in the beginning of autumn.