Dalat Pink Grass – A lovely November date with Dalat

dalat pink grass 1

What should I do to be happy? That question always pops out of my head every morning. However tiring an adult’s life is, I often bury myself in the contemplation of a happy life. That is when I can set my feet on every corner of Vietnam – my beloved country. Sometimes, my friends ask for my advice on where to go on a 3-day trip. I will not hesitate to tell them to visit Dalat right away, especially, do not miss Dalat Pink Grass Hill.

Dalat Pink Grass 2
Pay a visit to Dalat in November to feel the early winter

No surprise that I love Dalat this much. Its foggy morning with a cool breeze. Its sunny afternoon in the pine hills. But to me, my unfading impression of this land is the glorious Dalat Pink Grass Hills. As November comes, we tend to immerse in our work, immerse in our reminiscence of an incoming elapsed year. Let’s put every bustle aside and come to Dalat. This city of flower reminds us of a once dreamy youth with passion and enthusiasm.

The pink grass adds a romantic vibe to the city

Dalat in November is experiencing an incoming winter. However cold it may be, the flower scenery still shows the best of its beauty. In the dreamlike fog, every flower blooms in each own charm, every pink grass hill has its own shape. A little melancholy and a little highlight to the whole gorgeous mountains. The winter of Dalat with a romantic shade of the pink grass hill becomes more picturesque than ever.

dalat pink grass 3
Dalat Pink Grass Hill makes you feel like being under the European sky

This fragile weed seems to have a powerful internal strength. The ideal time to enjoy the Dalat pink grass hill is in the early morning. It’s the time when the heavy fog still remains, the cold is not so severe but enough for us to feel it. As you come here, standing in front of the hill, you will feel like you are witnessing the European sky. This breathtaking scenery is totally worth our early wake-up. Do not only admire this appealing beauty of the grass. Remember to take a deep breath to feel the unique scent blending in the wind. And lightly touch the soft pink grass is the enjoyment as well.

The pink grass arouses an overwhelmed feeling

Who has been to Dalat in winter will certainly remember that pink charm. Do not need to go further. Dalat is a foggy city in winter. Morning is the perfect time to witness the dreamlike pink grass hiding in the fog. Our tourist just needs to spend a foggy morning climbing to the hill and lets the soul captivated by the limitless pink grass hill.

dalat pink grass 4
The fragile foggy morning with horses enjoying the fresh grass

As the sun comes out, we feel like standing among a romantic European sky. The grass changes from pink to light purple. Such an attractive sight that melts everyone’s hearts away. Try taking out your shoes, let your bare feet feel the direct touch of this pink carpet. Surely you will love the cold, the soft feeling that your feet bring about. The pink grass grows along Suoi Vang Lake just like a thick carpet. In that picture are some horses eating grass, making it wilder yet appealing. The fairly cold winter is suitable for pink grass growing in the valley, lakeshore, hill edge like Trai Mat, Suoi Vang, Thai Phien Flower Village.

Dalat pink grass 5
Peaceful moments make our soul feel like getting lost in nature

The pink grass enhances our emotional bonding

Come to Dalat Pink Grass Hill with your friends. Though this flower is not well-known as the wild sunflower, Mimosa or Sakura. However, the pink grass still adds a distinctive Winter highlight to this flowery city.

Do you wonder why I suggest you come here with your friends? Simply because this space brings your hearts closer. Imagine a cold morning when you are cuddling in the warm blanket. Then you are willing to give up that pleasure to come a long way visiting the pink grass hill. The way to this site is rather rigorous. Is it worthy for a risky youth? I believe you will not regret trying it. This North-Western pink grass hill has captured the hearts of everyone who set their feet here.

Dalat pink grass 6
Hold my hands and walk through our youth in this land

The map below shows a detailed way to the Dalat Pink Grass Hill next to Suoi Vang Lake. Basically, in case you have never been here before, then you should ask someone who is familiar with this accompany you. Pay attention to the muddy road as well. And you should change drivers to prevent being cold. It may be challenging, but the result of this sacrifice is totally worthy!


dalat pink grass 7
The way to Dalat Pink Grass Hill is kind of rigorous?

Address: DT725 street, Lat, Lac Duong, Dalat City, Lam Dong

Dalat Pink Grass Hill – the destination of the dreamy

We all have our own way of defining the beauty of Dalat. But almost everyone wishes to immerse in the slow moment passing. Whoever coming here wants to live a little slower. By that way, we can truly feel the peace and love in our overflowing emotions for this city of love. Dalat is a destination where we are truly living with ourselves, away from the bustling city life.

Dalat pink grass 8
In the hill but feel like getting lost in the snow land

The winter arrives! Dalat shows all the best of its original shapes. A slight yet appealing melancholy that captures everyone’s hearts in an unspeakable nostalgia. Dalat with the pink grass hill signals a pleasant winter coming soon to this poetic land. And our heart also unconsciously misses this gorgeous yet tranquil highlands.

Dalat pink grass 9
November, the month for the eternal promises of the dreamy

Have you ever been to Dalat in the winter? If not, then let’s plan a trip with your friends to explore the pink grass hill. Together watch the sunrise coming in, immersing in the nature and sky of the beloved highland. Don’t forget that Luxstay always wants to be by your side in anywhere you go. We hope to help you have the best relaxing moments with your friends in diverse pretty accommodations in this city of love.