Dalat Education College – a “must-visit” place in the love city

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Find out about the most special school in Dalat - the city of love

Dalat is not only famous for the flowery landscape which melts everyone’s heart away, but French architecture is also a point that makes Dalat attractive. The remainders of an old European style still exist in some buildings of this city of love. And Dalat Education College is such an example. Let’s take a walk around this special place to explore its charm, shall we?

A long history of Dalat Education College

Constructed in 1927, Dalat Education College was completed 8 years later. At that time, there were 2 planning projects in consideration: one of Ernest Hébrard (1922-1933) and the other of Louis Georges Pineau (1933-1940).

The economic crisis in the 1930s hindered Ernest Hébrard’s plan, which was considered as expensive and wasteful. However, the first idea of building an exclusive school for French families was still carried out. At first, the school name was Petit Lycée Dalat. Till 1932, it was renamed as Grand Lycée de Dalat Lycée Yersi, in honor of Dr. Alexandre Yersin – who discovered Lam Vien Highlands.

Now, the school is named Dalat Education College. It focuses on training, teaching officers and staffs to serve the country’s education. There are kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school training programs. This school has many famous alumni as well.

Dalat Education College 1
This iconic school has welcomed many generations for decades

A little piece of Europe in this school

The French architect who built this masterpiece was Paul Moncet. He brought to this place a breath of the Western style blending well with the traditional Eastern beauty. The architecture carried an opposite yet harmonious beauty: a royal look yet with a romantic feature.

Dalat Education College 2
A romantic, poetic look of the school

Dalat Education College was built in an arc shape. Bricks used for tiling was imported from France to Vietnam. Unfortunately, these tiles were not in use anymore. They were so old and damaged that they had to be replaced.

On the tower was a giant clock facing Xuan Huong Lake. Inside the tower was a giant bell used in school time and formal events. Unknowingly, the bell tower and the clock disappeared. Though the school was not complete as its original, Dalat Education College still appeared glorious among the picturesque scenery of Dalat.

Dalat education college 3
As time goes by, the school is still glorious as ever

A centenary masterpiece of architecture

Dalat Education College is proud to be awarded in the list of 1000 world greatest buildings of the 20th century. Indochine newspaper once complimented: “It is a breathtaking building that nobody can easily pass by in Dalat.”

dalat education college 4
The great building of the 20th century

The school has 3 floors and 24 classrooms. The front length is 77,18m, while the back length is 89,9m. At the end of the row is an extraordinary 54-meter-tall bell tower among the green background of the pine woods. This reminds people of the bell tower at the Stockholm City Hall in Sweden. A post-colonial historical researcher once commented: “The resemblance is so unbelievable! The parallel Scandinavian style and North-European style is duplicated several times. Suzanne Coussillan, who came to Dalat in 1946, said that this place reminded of the ancient Sweden, or even Norway”.

dalat education college 5
The stunning beauty that is compared with the greatest European architecture

An ancient school in the modern era

Nowadays, Dalat Education College is not a school for the noble class anymore. The lecture hall is crowded with students from Dalat and different provinces. As time has changed, the government has modified the rules for the present. This school has been hoped to be an ideal environment for educating outstanding future labors.

No wonder why Dalat Education College is a top tourist attraction in this poetic city of flower. Many people yearn to witness this iconic arc-shaped school. After 16 PM everyday when classes are over, tourists are free to visit. Usually, they want to touch the old bricks that have existed for decades. That’s why Dalat is said to be an endless bridge connecting past and present.

dalat education college 6
The old school in the modern days

To me, Dalat is not a famous seasonal destination for pink grass hill or wild sunflower. It is not famous for the “break-up” spell as well. Dalat is a place to seek peace and a slow pace of life. Its stories, its cultures, its beauty has been existing over years for generations to come and experience. Luxstay knows that you will have a date with Dalat after reading this.

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