Just one taste, you will miss these Dalat breakfast cuisines

dalat breakfast 1

There are many famous local food in Dalat with affordable prices. The best moment in Dalat is in the morning – when we wrap ourselves around the warm blanket, yet still try to sleep a little bit more. Then we slowly get dressed, go outside and eat a warm breakfast. Dalat breakfast is not for a rush. The unique food here sometimes reminds us of our memorable trip to this land.

Banh Mi Xiu Mai (Shumai Bread) Hoang Dieu

“Banh mi xiu mai” is a must-try food that you shouldn’t miss in Dalat. Still the traditional Vietnamese bread, still the shumai made from pork. Somehow, the combination of the 2 ingredients creates a delicious Dalat specialty. The bread is newly baked, used with a bowl of 2 shumai and pigskin with sauce. This food site also serves soya milk, yogurt,… Because of the cheap price with good quality, this address soon becomes familiar. In the morning, you should come early to have a comfortable seat and not to wait too long.

dalat breakfast 2
Simple yet appealing “banh mi xiu mai” on Hoang Dieu street

Banh Can (“Can” Cake) Tang Bat Ho

This is a common Dalat breakfast food. Dalat locals eat “banh can” more often than Hanoian eating “pho”. That is why this cuisine always appears in every corner of Dalat, in the list of must-try food in this city of love. Seeing the savory steam coming out, everyone knows that the local is busy cooking. The soft powder, the crispy crust with the tastily rich egg. The sauce suits Vietnamese favor, tastier with a shumai. The most favorite “banh can” address is on Tang Bat Ho street.

dalat breakfast 3
The appetizing smell of “banh can”

Banh Mi Chao (Bread with combo pan) 27

Banh mi chao 27 is also a familiar location for Dalat breakfast. It is a small food stall with an easy-to-find location. “Banh mi chao” here is not greasy at all. The soft beef is used with a moderate amount of additives. In one serving includes hot, delicious shumai. At 27, you can order additional food such as fried egg, beef, cheese, sausage and so on. A full portion is affordable as well. Staffs are fast, enthusiastic and friendly.

dalat breakfast 4
A full serving of “banh mi chao” 27

Banh Uot Long Ga (Chicken Stuffed Pancake) Trang

Who has been to Dalat cannot pay a visit to banh uot long ga Trang. “Banh uot long ga”  is a tasty specialty of the Central Highlands. In Dalat, this becomes a favorite must-try food for every tourist. Soft, smooth white pancake. Chicken’s tripes are cooked at a moderate heat; tasted to fit the Vietnamese palate. In a serving includes shredded chicken, bunching onion, vegetables, and spicy pepper. Perfect food for breakfast, isn’t it?

dalat breakfast 5
Trang’s “banh uot long ga”

“Pho” Thung (Thung “Pho”)

Many Dalat tourists comment that “Pho” Thung is the best Pho restaurant in this city of love. “Pho” here carries the typical pure flavor of the North. The restaurant is located in the heart of Dalat. No surprised that it is crowded in the morning. Eating a bowl of “Pho” in the breezy morning is really cozy and satisfying. What lingers in our mouth is the sweet bone stock flavor.

dalat breakfast 6
“Pho” Thung with the traditional Northern taste

Banh Beo (Hue Savory Steamed Rice Cake) Mrs Huong

In Dalat, hardly does everyone not know the reputation of Banh Beo No.4 of Mrs. Huong. Small space with a cozy atmosphere in the cold weather of Dalat. A serving has only 4 pieces but all are big and full. “Banh beo” is made of Tung Nghia Rice or dried Sa Dec rice by Mrs. Huong. The cake filler contains shrimp, pork belly. On the top are some dried onion pieces and shrimp-chips. What makes Mrs. Huong’s “banh beo” special is the stuffing and broth made by the family recipe. In this modern era, she still uses firewood to heat the stove for cooking high-quality, tastier outputs.

Dalat breakfast 7
Mrs. Huong’s appetizing “banh beo”

Banh Canh (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) Xuan An

Among various “banh canh” addresses, many people still come to Xuan An. It is a 30-year-old local restaurant with a well-known reputation. In the morning, it is so crowded that people have to line up, waiting for their serving. A bowl of “banh canh” here has many toppings with the tasty broth. At Xuan An, “bun bo” (beef rice noodles), “Mi Quang” (Quang Noodles), “bun ca” (fish rice noodles) are served in the morning. For the drink, you can order homemade soya milk.

dalat breakfast 8
A bowl of “banh canh” for a warm morning

Enjoy the marvelous landscape and taste the delicious Dalat breakfast food. These are the things that make Dalat hold a special place in the tourists’ hearts. This is a Dalat’s season with much love and peace in the air. Take a chance to come to Dalat in its most beautiful season. In case you are wondering which Dalat accommodations to choose, let’s Luxstay be your close friend.

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