Coi Xay Gio Bakery – a never out-of-heat site in Dalat

coi xay gio bakery
The yellow wall with retro-styled red lines became a trend on social media - Credit: @ka.ty_tran

The iconic yellow wall of Coi Xay Gio Bakery has become so familiar in Dalat. It is said that you cannot miss out this place once you are in Dalat. Let’s find out more about this iconic “check-in” place, shall we?

A yellow wall that brightens up Dalat

On June 2017, Dalat yellow wall suddenly became a trending “check-in” place on social media like Instagram and Facebook. At first, just a few youngsters passed by this and took a “check-in” picture. Unbelievably, such retro-styled background became widely known, attracted an influx of tourists to Dalat and Coi Xay Gio Bakery – the origin of this phenomena.

coi xay gio bakery

The yellow wall is of Coi Xay Gio Bakery, a Vietnamese bakery founded by Nguyen Dang Phong. Dalat locals, as well as Dalat visitors, are familiar with this guy and his nickname  “Phong Windmills.” He is the owner of 4 Coi Xay Gio Bakery in Dalat, as well as 5 Windmills Coffee in Dalat and Nha Trang.

A journey that marks the birth of Coi Xay Gio Bakery

This bakery was built upon the 70-year-old Hoa Binh bookstore. The governing organization of the bookstore did not allow any land renting because it was a joint-stock company with government capital.

It was not until 2017 that Phong successfully persuaded the owner to rent the space with such an ideal location. With the promise to maintain a part of the bookstore and the local culture of Dalat, Coi Xay Gio bakery with the iconic yellow wall was born.

The wall was painted with the bright yellow, symbolizing the dazzling sunlight of Dalat. On the yellow background stood out the bold red line “Tiệm Bánh Cối Xay Gió” with the unique retro-styled font. Many tourists who came to take a “retro” photo admit that they were deeply in love with the ancient vibe here. Just like they got lost in Dalat of the 80s back then.

coi xay gio bakery
The yellow wall with retro-styled red lines became a trend on social media – Credit: @ka.ty_tran

Especially, in 2017, Coi Xay Gio bakery with the yellow wall became the most “check-in” site of the year. It was also awarded the most favorite bakery of 2017 by WeChoice Award.

A bakery that is not just around the yellow wall

Bread and cake sold here is also a thing you shouldn’t miss. The bakery is not just around its famous wall. It is well-known for various fresh products. All have affordable prices: traditional Vietnamese bread (especially chicken bread), salted egg yolk cake, donut, and some French dessert. The bakery also serves many Vietnamese snacks such as fries with seaweed powder, spicy dried chicken. Besides food, you can order coffee and other beverages.

coi xay gio bakery
Not just the iconic yellow wall, the bakery is also famous for delicious bread

You may not know that there is another floor upstairs for guests. Space is featured with retro style, though the area is rather small. It may be a little noisy when the bakery is crowded. If you are lucky to visit this place on a deserted day, do not miss the chance to go upstairs, eat the fresh food and enjoy the city view with your friends.

coi xay gio bakery
A peaceful corner of Hoa Binh from the balcony

The packaging of the bread is also eye-catching with retro style. The back of the package is a romantic poem. Kind of interesting to read the poem while eating, isn’t it?

coi xay gio bakery
Romantic lines for poem lovers

Up to now, Coi Xay Gio Bakery with its iconic yellow wall has become a symbol of Dalat. Due to its unique style and quality, there have been 2 more branches open in Dalat. However, the first one with its familiar address remains the most popular site.

An address in Dalat that you should take note

1: 1A Hoa Binh, Ward 1, Dalat City, Lam Dong

2: 45 Hai Ba Trung, Dalat City, Lam Dong

3: 14 3/2 Street, Dalat City, Lam Dong

Alarmingly, there has been a case which the yellow wall was impolitely drew, damaging its original beauty. Please be aware of protecting this iconic symbol, won’t you?

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