Review all tips to “mop-up” Dalat in 3D3N at the expense of within 45$

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Dalat is a city that anyone would like to visit at least once. Therefore, with only 45$ available, why not try a trip to Dalat as the review Da Lat below? Let’s explore with Luxstay the tips to mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$.

How to depart?

For those who have the passion to explore nature and want to have more experiences on the road like me, I suggest moving to Dalat by motorcycle. The route from Ninh Kieu to Thu Thiem, Binh Thanh, then head to Bien Hoa, along the 51 Highway to T-junction in Vung Tau, then toward the Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway. Turn left at Dau Giay Post Office, Dalat city is about 240km straight away.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$
Road to Dalat

Note: To ensure a safe and happy journey, you must note the following:

  • Prepare enough clothes and accessories to keep warm.
  • Pay attention to speed because the road is quite empty.
  • Fully refill the vehicle, if possible you can prepare a spare can of petrol for .
  • If there is a companion, it will be great, any problem will not be so difficult.
  • When using the map, remember to select “Avoid highway” mode if you do not want to race alone with the big cars.

According to my memory, there are three passes on the road:

Banana Pass is not very long and quite smooth but foggy, when ride the motorbike, you must turn on the headlights

Bao Loc Pass is about 10km long and there are many big vehicles going through, so keep your mind awakening by washing your face regularly.

The last pass, is also my first stop is Preen Pass, 8km far from the central city.

Well, always check the motorbike before you leave, including tires, spare parts before departure to have a fun trip, say no to “lead the cotorbike by walk” again.

What to eat, sleep and play in Dalat?


We choose homestay as a place to stay. I am sure that everyone is not strange to cheap and super cute homestay in Da Lat anymore. Our homestay is 37M House, a nice homestay with garden-house design, the typical authentic old Da Lat with colorful doors.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 1
Homestay 37M House – where we stayed

You can have more informatiion and book homestay here!

Places to eat

We have noted some places you can drop in:

Bread with bowls of pork dumplings: No. 2/2 Nguyen Van Cu Street. Price: 0.6$/bowl. Soya milk: 0.2$ – 0.4$/glass. I have breakfast here, 4.5$/2 people in total.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 2
Pan bread No.27

Pan bread No. 27: 2 pan cost 4.7$ for 3 servings of breakfast. In the morning, it is quite crowded, so come there before 10am. Address: 300 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Da Lat City.

Dalat Night Café: Located on a hillside overlooking the city. Drink prices are high, more than 1.7$, you should only go there at night. Address: 4 Dong Da, Da Lat city.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 3
Baked spring roll Mrs.hung

Baked spring roll Mrs. Hung: This place is very famous, but personally I do not like it. Staff’s attitude is bad, floors are not clean. Price: 1.7$/serving, delicious vegetables, good dipping sauce, but the spring rolls are not tasty.

Hue beef noodle: I eat in a quite famous restaurant, but I forgot its name, lying on the same road as Da Lat University. Price: 1.3$/bowl, eat well.

Butter cream, fruit plate: I am suggested visiting this restaurant, so I also drop in, fortunately it is near my homestay. Butter cream tastes strange, the cup if big but ice cream is half-cup only, slightly rich in my opinion. The fruit is fresh and cool. 2 of us spends 2$ eating these desserts.

Places to play

The places which we have visited:

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45 4
Dalat Night Market

Dalat night market:

This is a must-go destination when coming to Da Lat, especially on the weekend. The market does not only sell clothes or wool, but also sell many delicious dishes typical of Dalat such as roasted potatoes, grilled eggs, fried foods, baked foods, etc. But there is a small note. You must ask the price before try anything.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 5
A lot of delicious food

Clay tunnel: situate on a pass near Thien Vien Truc Lam. The ticket price is 1.7$/person, 0.2$ for motorbike parking.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 6
Clay tunnel

Strawberry Garden: Some of the garden will raise the price, 13$/kg self picking, or there are many other prices such as: 10$, 8$, 4$,…, but the strawberry origin is not clear, so I just go sightseeing and then buy ready-made strawberries. Especially, do not buy these types of strawberries outside. These are almost all types of strawberries that have no obvious origin.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 7
Strawberry garden

Ve Chai Pagoda: famous for the biggest immortetle-made Buddha statue of Southeast Asia’s, basement system simulating 18 floors of hell.

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 8
Ve Chai Pagoda

Some other destinations which can not be bypassed: Lam Vien Square, Xuan Huong Lake, Dantala fall, Da Lat station, Lang Biang Mount, The valley of love,…

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 9

mop-up Dalat at the expense of within 45$ 10
Other places


Total expense: 86$, about 45$/person for 3 days and nights in Dalat

Petrol + oil: 22$

Homestay: 20$

Taxi: 7$

Food in 1st day: 2$ for breakfast, 3$ for lunch, 11$ for dinner => 16$

Food in 2st day: 5$ for breakfast, 2$ for lunch, 9$ for dinner and 4$ for snack => 20$

In 3st day: 2$ for breakfast, 10:30am on the way back to Can Tho.

Source: Thanh Nha.