Gorgeous homestay in Dalat to visit once in your life

Homestay dalat vietnam
Dalat - one of the poetic land of Vietnam

Dalat is always a top destination with large numbers of tourist per year. And homestay Dalat Vietnam is one thing you should not miss while visiting here. If you are wondering which place to choose, read the list below recommended by Luxstay.

Le Bleu Đà Lạt – Vintage Wooden House

“Le Bleu” in French means the light blue, giving off a sense of relaxation. The name tells exactly the style, Le Bleu is a famous wooden accommodation with its deep blue tone.

Every small detail of the house is carefully chosen by the host, showing an aesthetic gout. The curtain, pastel chair, vintage decorations give it an unusual taste.

Homestay Dalat Vietnam
Le Bleu Dalat

If you want to enjoy a poetic Dalat, a Dalat full of memories with your loved ones, then Le Bleu is your go-to choice. In the morning, let’s jog around the garden to breathe the fresh air here. In the evening, why don’t we have a fun party outside to call it a day?

Tom’s Valley – Luxury Apartment with Stunning View

Near the edge of the valley lays a lovely homestay named Tom’s Valley. Among homestay Dalat Vietnam, this one is unique for its transparent glass design. Around the bedroom is covered with two-sided glass overlooking the trees and mountain afar. Inside the house is the large open space. Every furniture is matchly mixed, giving off a cozy and elegant vibe to the homestay.

Homestay Dalat Vietnam
Tom’s Valley

The outside landscape will totally capture your heart. It is the brown ground, the green garden, the red roof, the blue sky. This scenery paints a stunning picture of Dalat as a whole.

Dreams on Dalat

Like the name, Dreams on Dalat is like a dream of this flower city. The space here is lively and delicate with white tone. Small rectangular windows overlooking the scenery. That is a characteristic beauty of Dalat with green hills under the blue sky. How can you resist such stunning view?

homestay dalat vietnam
Dreams On Dalat

This house is also an ideal choice for group of friends. The balcony is a place to enhance your friendship. A light meal, a tea time here while enjoying the fresh air and the stunning view. Nothing is more peaceful than that, isn’t it?

Service Apartment at Joy Villa

Joy Villa is a luxury villa in the center of the city. However, it is very serene due to located in the most expensive area of Dalat. The architecture here is also a highlight among many homestay Dalat Vietnam.

It is inspired by the image of a white villa next to the sea shore in the Southern France. Surrounded is the verdant pine woods and various flower. This place stands out from afar as a majestic castle in the heart of the nature. Every corner here is a perfect spot to take aesthetic photos.

Homestay Dalat Vietnam
Joy Villa

Each room is decorated in bright yet cozy tone, giving a sense of warmth to the house. It mitigates the cold weather of Dalat, gives you a close emotional bond.

La Cle’ Villa

This homestay becomes widely known recently. It is located near the center of Dalat but in a peaceful area, away from the noise. Every guest here will love the gorgeous garden with diverse blooming flower. The alternate white stoned path and the flower is also a highlight. It is best to enjoy the morning atmosphere here with your loved ones.

homestay dalat vietnam
La Cle’ Villa

Each room follows a simple style with warm brown and elegant white. Staying in this room gives you a peaceful feeling with its ordinary feature.

The list above is just one of the many various homestay Dalat Vietnam on Luxstay. But surely, these homestay are among the most visited accommodation of this poetic flower’s city. Why not make a plan to visit Dalat now with your loved ones to have the best moment ever?