3 concepts of successful homestay business attract guests from opening

concepts of successful homestay business

Recently, the demand for going on a business trip and tourism increased, the number of visitors to Hanoi is increasing! Accommodation business is “hotter” than ever. But for newcomers, what are the concepts of successful homestay business in Hanoi most worth pursuing? Find out with Luxstay!

What concept of homestay business is the hotest in Hanoi?

Homestay business concept: Antique Hanoi

With its rich culture, Hanoi naturally has put on its special charms. What is more wonderful when you are immersed in the unique space but elegant background? Or submerged in the ancient and mannered atmosphere of Trang An?

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 1
Doing homestay business at qntique house

When the trend of nostalgia thrones and become a powerful movement, this concept is considered to be very potential among the hosts in Hanoi. Whether it is a brown wooden table, pillow with peacock pattern or white porcelain tea set, everything prints in bold type of the delicate, clever Ha Thanh’s people which makes many visitors remember forever!

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 2
Subsidized period’s style

Note: Building homestay following this concept is not difficult. You can rent old houses, villas or renovate design in the direction of subsidized period. The cost is not too high, it is even more affordable than other concepts. It is important to be consistent in the spirit of Hanoi in the smallest detail! You have to really understand, love and be a little persevering. Especially when “hunting” the antiquities of Hanoi.

Homestay business concept: Garden House – a noisy escape place

Young people tend to find peace and harmony place to mix with nature. They are too bored with dust, noise, traffic jam. And … a rustic wooden house hidden behind the green forest is all they dream about!

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 3
Green villa suitable for weekend trip

These concepts of homestay business are being strongly invested in the suburbs. Typical such as Soc Son, Luong Son, Long Bien, … That is where green, airy space, meet the needs of the capital’s people. The most popular are villas, garden houses, bungalows or adjacent apartment chains,…

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 4
The more tree the villa has, the happier guests might be

This is also a model that hosts can be creative with the subjects. For example: wooden houses, barrel houses, limestone houses, sewage houses, bamboo houses,…

Note: With garden homestay, you need to spend a lot of time, effort to care and investment. However, the profit from it is very “worth the money, bowl of rice”. You need to ensure the right marketing for your holiday, and build a homestay in the spirit of peace and quiet!

Homestay business concept: Modern apartment

Apart from tourists, Hanoi also receives a large number of visitors every year. Both of these subjects are usually young, modern, comfortable and civilized. Therefore, the apartments designed in the style of Nordic, Minimalism,… are also very noticeable.

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 5
Convenient living room in a modern homestay

These apartments are not too unique but offer absolute comfort, are popular with most visitors.

concepts-of-successful-homestay-business 6
Elegent design for the homestay

Note: This type does not need to be over-invested in design. You can use the basic furniture and add some comfort. However, the downside is the reduced competitiveness and attractiveness to fastidious customers with high aesthetic requirements!

Depending on condition and personality, Hanoi hosts consider appropriate the concept. Choose your favorite concept to pursue!

Wish you success when doing homestay business in Hanoi!

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